Wiper Arm Upgrade Kit - J Hook

Wiper Arm Upgrade Kit - J Hook

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Upgrade your old school wiper arms to allow the use of modern J hook Wiper blades. 

No more fumbling with the little screws, dealing with floppy wiper blades, or searching multiple stores for an antiquated wiper blade design.

These arms fit:

  • Pre 1995 Pickups & Hiluxes
  • 1st and 2nd gen 4Runners
  • FJ60 & FJ62 Land Cruisers
  • FJ80 and FZJ80 series Land Cruisers

Kit includes 2 USED wiper arms. Right and left side.

If you want new parts, hit up your local dealer, and expect to pay $120+, and ask for the following,

  • 2x Wiper Arms (85211-35032)
  • 2x Wiper Arm Covers (85192-12800)
  • 2x Wiper Arm nuts (90179-08113)

If you do not want to pay dealership prices, and have basic hand tools- hit up your local junk yard. These arms can be pulled from 1st gen Tacomas and 3rd gen 4Runners.